Customized Cycling Gear by OCG

Pimp Out Your Cycling Gear

Since 2017 we have created the largest range of exclusive designs available, we think, anywhere online. At time of writing, we have 300+ exclusive designs and counting that you will not find in any other store (well, apart from the blatant copycats, but don't get us started).

In 2018 we manufactured and shipped for free to 71 countries on almost every continent (damn you Antarctica) and made over 100 custom design on the direct requests of the OCG Community.

Our mission has always been simple. Make cycling apparel affordable again (you can read more on that history here) and to use the amazing possibilities of technology to innovate in ways not done by other more expensive brands.

In 2019, we did it again and launched the ability to "pimp out" your gear, from side panels, to thermal fleece, to changing the jersey type or sleeve length, we continue to lead the way in providing new solutions to expensive problems.

Customized cycling gear as you like it

No longer do you have to settle for what a brand thinks you will like. Who are they to say anyway?

You can choose and pimp out your favorite gear just the way you like it with the customization options found on the product page.

What customizations are available?

We are trying to come up with new customizations all the time.

Here is a list of some of the most common used customizations available:

  • Add custom text to side panels of jerseys
  • Add a reflective zippered back pocket to jerseys or running shirts
  • Change our standard full-length front zipper to a quarter-zip instead
  • Remove the elastic waist gripper on jerseys (popular with women especially)
  • Add thermal fleece to long sleeve jerseys and full-length bibs
  • Choose for a design to be made in:
    • Long Sleeve
    • Short Sleeve
    • Sleeveless
    • Women's
    • Men's
    • Kid's

You can see some examples of the available customizations here.

What products can I customize?

Customization at the moment is available on all jerseys, running shirts, shorts and bibs in the store.

For example, if you see a short sleeve jersey design that you want in long sleeve, just add it as an option on the short sleeve product page, add to cart, and away you go!

Wish you and your kids you are trying to brainwash ... I mean ... encourage to like cycling could rock the same jersey as you? You can request that as well.

The possibilities really are endless, and we are always looking at how we can add more features to pimp out your gear.

How much does it cost for customizations?

Like we said, our ethos is all about making cycling gear affordable, and it is no different with customizations. 

Customizations can be made for as little as $1. In fact some at the moment are free! Crazy right?

Our unique business model where we ship factory-direct and control the entire process means we can innovate in ways others can't, and pass on the savings directly to you.

As you make choices, you will see the additional charges (if there are any) above the Add To Cart Button like so:

Once you are done, add the item to cart, and the customization features will be saved and shown in the cart as well.

Things to note

There are a couple of logical things to note that are essential to allow us is to do these customizations at these super-low prices:

  • The more customizations, the more likely it may add a day to normal dispatch times. Custom side panel text will always add a day to dispatch as the print template will need to be adjusted before printing.
  • Text can only be added to side-panels (for now). This is really the only area of a jersey you can be confident of being able to place text on without ruining a design.
  • The same text will be run up (right hand side) and down (left hand side) both side panels. Text will be printed in a bold, capitalized font in either white or black depending on the design (we may tweak it if black or white really is not suitable). If you need something different though, feel free to contact us.
  • Requesting a long sleeve version of a short sleeve design may add a small charge (usually $1 max) to the normal long sleeve price. This is due to a new long sleeve print template needing to be produced. We always recommend to check our current range first in case it is already available.

Get customizing

What are you waiting for, find a design you like, configure it to how you like it and bask in the money you just saved and the unique gear you are about to wear.