Who is Behind Online Cycling Gear?

As cyclists ourselves with partners, kids and first-world expenses, we found it painful to pay $150 for a cycling jersey.

In 2016, it was a shock to the system when we returned to the roads with much smaller budgets (and slightly larger stomachs)!

Since then, we have designed, manufactured, and shipped over 20,000 pieces of affordable gear to 71 countries, all with free shipping.

Early on we decided to partner with other independant apparel designers and brands to help them bring their big ideas to market with our unique manufacturing and fulfilment flexibility.

Brands such as MAMIL Apparel, Vixen Cycling, KAZI Sports, Little Dog Laughed and PAVE Athletica are just some of those partnerships.

We continue to supporting passionate cycling apparel designers as well as continue to develop our own ranges through our exclusive OCG Originals and OCG Kids brands.

With the largest cycling apparel range in the business, and full contol over our design, manufacturing and supply chain, we continue to lead the way in finding new ways to be a little different than the rest.

Keep checking back as we release new designs weekly (sometimes daily!) based off suggestions from you, the passionate, but budget aware cyclist.

I hope you can join us on our journey to make unique, affordable, and comfortable cycling apparel.

Shipping Worldwide (often free!)

We've been in online business for almost 17 years in one form or another. Now, we get to combine our passion for cycling with our deep knowledge of leveraging the internet to create amazing deals.

It is a true passion business.

Last year alone we have sold gear to over 71 countries across Australasia, Europe, Asia, North, South and Central America.

We have partnered with our manufacturer to bring you the most popular unique, retro and themed designs and some you might never have thought of.

Every week we are adding more of our own original designs based on actual customer feedback, as well as expanding our partnerships with other passion run cycling companies like ours.

Our unique partnerships mean we can bring new, original designs to market every week (sometimes every day!), because, you know, you can never have too much cycling apparel right?

But first, a message from the OCG founder.

Started by two regular guys who love cycling

Online Cycling Gear

Hi, Adam here, CEO of Online Cycling Gear. OCG was started by two "40 something" cyclists who are well past taking cycling too seriously. This is literally all we do 18 hours a day (we didn't say it was easy, but it is fun).

Here I am many many (many) years ago smashing out my first Triathlon on my first ever road bike. A custom-made aluminium framed beast made here in Queensland Australia.

Look at that poor form, those tri-bars pointing to the sky (that muscle definition ... ah those were the days).

These days a 12km commute ride to our offices on a flat bar hybrid is as good as it gets. No matter the reason for a ride, we always need to be comfortable, and if possible, a little stylish as well.

Since we opened Online Cycling Gear, we have built a unique relationship with our high-quality manufacturer in Asia to produce our OCG line of cycling gear and ship it factory-direct to anywhere in the world for free!

We literally talk with them every day to squeeze as much quality into a super-low price point as possible.

The greatest thing about the expanding world of eCommerce and online business?

We can leverage the same production processes the major players do all over the world, but with our reduced online-only costs, we can pass the savings to you. 

What's being planned in the OCG offices?

What's ahead for Online Cycling Gear? 

We have sold thousands (and thousands) of great designs so far and branched out into our own line of OCG Originals designs, and more recently our leisure-wear with cycling t-shirts shipping super fast from the USA.

The best part though has been bringing the dreams of other small cycling businesses to a bigger audience, and we continue to develop those partnerships every day (this interest you? Email me, the address is below).

We continue to listen to what you want. Larger sizing? Done. Better leg grippers? Done. Express shipping options? OK sorted. Upgraded fabric at the same price? We did that too.

I guarantee most of you reading this are better cyclists than me, and so it is the mantra of our team to use your feedback to make our decisions.

Have an idea? Email us via the contact form in the store or my email address below so we can keep trying to bring what you have always wanted into a price point perhaps you didn't think was possible.

Read this far?

By the way, if you have read this far into the page, then high five to you!

Send an email to me at hello@onlinecyclinggear.com with the subject line "I read your about page and boy am I tired" and I will send you a $10 voucher for putting up with my ramblings for this long.

Happy shopping and most importantly, safe riding.

Adam, Founder
Online Cycling Gear