Cycling Gear Customization Options

Customization Option Explanations

We changed the game recently when we opened up the ability to customize any design you see in store to how you like it most.

Below is an explanation of some of the configuration options, and you can read more about cycling gear customization here.

Add Custom Side Panel Text

Want the perfect gift idea, or just want a way to make a jersey your own that no-one else can? Add your own side panel text to any jersey in the store. 

As a guide, side panel text will be printed like this, though the font size will change depending on the length of your text.


Change Full-zip to Quarter-zip

Not everyone likes how a full-front zippered jersey fits on them. If that is the case, you can change it to a quarter-zip.

Quarter zips may be white or black depending on the design it is being placed on.

Quarter jersey zip

Add Zippered Back Pocket

Zippered back pockets are great for storing valuables, money and gels, but not everyone likes them or needs them.

You can add a reflective zippered back pocket for all cycling jerseys and running shirts.

Reflective zipped back pocket

Remove Elastic Waist Gripper

Women especially like to remove the elastic gripper around the waist as it is not needed due to their riding position, or uncomfortable due to their hip or waist size.

If you prefer a looser fit around the waist, removing the waist gripper might suit you best.

Add Thermal Fleece

Our long sleeve jerseys by default are made in the same moisture-wicking fabric as our summer range letting you wear them almost all year round.

For cooler places though, thermal fleece is needed, in which case we flock the jersey and change the fabric to aid in wind protection.

Fleece can also be added to full-length bib tights.