Made to Order

If you are new to Online Cycling Gear, you may wonder how we can stock the most extensive range of available and ship-free designs worldwide?

The answer is our two order types, Made-To-Order vs. In-Stock.

In-Stock Items / Express Dispatch

In 2020, we launched the first of our OCG warehouse agreements, so on some items, you will see the "Express Dispatch" or "In-Stock" tags.

You can see our full range of In-stock items here.

These are held in our warehouse and are ready for fast dispatch (usually within 24 hours, 48 hours in especially busy periods such as Christmas or if Sunday is involved).

If you are in the US, these are also sent with USPS priority shipping, meaning you will get them even faster than our regular free shipping times.

To identify those products held in our warehouse and available for express dispatch, look for the In-Stock tag or the lightning bolt icon on the size selection and on collection pages.


Made to Order

We make every piece marked "Made To Order" from start to finish in our factory once ordered.

Making our gear as it is ordered means we create the designs, cut the fabric, print, sew, package, and ship all of our apparel in one location across our entire collection.

When you select an item that has the "Made to Order" label, we will make the piece specifically for you in the sizes you need.

Never Out of Stock

When we founded OCG in 2017, we wanted you always to be able to purchase every design, every time.

We could try to warehouse 600+ designs (and counting) in 12 different sizes, but then prices would be double what they are, and designs would often be out of stock just when you needed them.

Instead, we decided to do Made to Order combined with warehousing to ensure a design never sold out again!

I Want Both!

If you do want a combination of In-Stock and Made-To-Order items, we can do that with no problems!

We always ship our In-Stock items first, with your Made-To-Order items shipping as soon as we have finished making them for you!

Happy shopping, ride safely, and thanks for supporting our mission to make cycling apparel affordable again.