OCG Licensing Partners

Unlike some "other guys", we do things the right way and license any artwork used in our designs.

This helps support the original artist, and lets us bring some of the most iconic names and designs to sports apparel.

Double Checked For Authenticity

Companies like Sesame Workshop and Sanrio ensure all products sent to market pass their standards for accuracy and quality before approving any design.

This means any dyes, paints and fabrics must also be free of harmful chemicals and pass their quality standards.

Licensed Means Reputable

We do all we can to endure we create original, unique designs either with our own assets design in-house, or by paying commission and licensing fees to the original owners of the art.

Don't deal with companies that have no issue stealing intellectual property, as that is always a sign of how the rest of their business is run.

No Child Labor & Fair Working Conditions

Every agreement we sign requires us to ensure our factories and logistics providers follow labor laws and are paid appropriately before we can sign an agreement.

Proceeds of Every Sale Go Back to The Original Designer

Any product featuring artwork, characters or branding from our licensing partners below receive commission of every sale. Know every time you buy a licensed product, the creator is also being awarded for their creativity.

Current OCG License Agreements

Online Cycling Gear are proud licensing partners with the following companies and organizations.

  • Sesame Workshop (Sesame Street)
  • THOIP, a Sanrio Company (Mr. Men, Little Miss)
  • United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Services (Smokey Bear)
  • The Pierce Archive

Please make sure you are buying authentic, licensed products to support the rights holders.